Florian Meca

Florian Meca - © Villa Noailles Hyères




Practical, modular, transportable, robust: these are the characteristics of camping furniture. A category of objects that equip bivouacs worldwide but remain stored most of the year.

Voyager proposes to apply these characteristics to household furniture by combining them with comfort, to create objects suitable both for home and outdoors. Production and consumption are then reasonable and measured.

Completely demountable, the folding chair Cross and the inflatable lamp Bao allow for the replacement of the components and the separation from the end-of-life parts. Both are made of brushed aluminium, a recyclable material that provides lightness and sturdiness. A tailored 100% cotton ribbed strap performs two functions: giving structure to the chair, by using a self-locking tension mechanism, and making it possible to hang then store the lamp.

Prix Tectona

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