Axel Champloy “Dessins du jour”

from 13 December 2023 to 10 March 2024

Axel Champloy “Dessins du jour”

l’Annexe villa Noailles
26 rue de Verdun, Hyères

A young artist from Hyères, Axel Champloy is known for sketching the local landscape and events directly from life. You’ve probably already come across him with his mobile studio, which he carries everywhere he goes. He has designed a tablet with straps that enables him to draw standing up, moving among the crowds as he captures their gestures and voices. He draws, writes and creates watercolors on small sheets that he assembles into travel journals.

In 2023, he was invited by the Villa Noailles to capture the highlights of the Centenary program. The exhibition features almost 20 meters of drawings, covering the International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Accessories, the Design Parade festivals in Hyères and Toulon, and the opera “Ressusciter la rose”. For the Annexe, Axel Champloy changes scale and paints large-format portraits of artists close to Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles.

Rencontre, carnet de visage
Mediterranean travel journal
Mediterranean colors

In November 2023, Axel Champloy took part in a cargo-ship transport campaign on the Abitibi by the Bourlingue & Pacotille association.

Other exhibition : A watercolorist in Port-Cros. Galerie Massillon from December 18, 2023 to January 5, 2024.

Axel Champloy “Dessins du jour” - © Villa Noailles Hyères
Axel Champloy “Dessins du jour” - © Villa Noailles Hyères
Axel Champloy “Dessins du jour” - © Villa Noailles Hyères

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