Monique boutique

→ 67 Cours Lafayette

From July 11 to 31 october

Camondo Méditerranée

Starting from this “Summer in Toulon“ 2020, so particular, MONIQUE BOUTIQUE has become a research project on colour for the Ecole Camondo Méditerranée. A life-sized experimental space, open to the town, an original window display which shows the power of colour in space and the rare importance of this education.
MONIQUE BOUTIQUE will therefore be painted, repainted, and transformed as required, according to its projects and seasons…

Optical vertigos

Colour, a unique tool of transformation tool for a space, which will bring forth other volumes, other spaces, other forms, and other stories, thanks to a play upon perspectives, contrasts, light, geometry, and narratives… A new imaginary world will come to inhabit this abandoned space, which will blur perceptions and imaginations.
Nuances of ochres, sienna, burnt earth, colours of regional earths which will pay homage to this region, in a dialogue with more unique counterpoints, skilfully orchestrated in order to offer, through no more than the play of these painted surfaces, a dazzling illusory space, and a nod to the nearby Navy.

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