Atelier Aymeric Le Deun

from 25 April to 26 May 2019

As a result of his experiences within several luxury houses of prêt-à-porter, Aymeric Le Deun decided to specialise in the creation of both traditional and custom buttons and buckles. He created his label in 2007. An artistic craftsman who is passionate about technique in all of its guises, he focuses upon classical processes, such as coating items with fabric, leather, or fur, or more specifically the superimposition of thin, transparent materials. In order to create even more unique items or to recreate items from the past, he goes as far as modifying machines or hunting for former methods of manufacturing, with the aim of improving them.
The diversity and the interdisciplinarity of his projects make use of his savoir-faire —from the decorating of suits with buttons to the padding of armchairs— serving as a daily source of enrichment and allowing him to make connections between the different activities which his workshop employs.
For this exhibition at the villa Noailles a maritime theme seemed obvious for his workshop, who wished to exemplify, from a wide-range of decorative elements, the techniques developed in the production of his buttons.

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