Karim Zeriahen

from 25 April to 26 May 2019

“I hate those who allow themselves to be influenced.
Talent is always solitary, genius too. Everything is always difference and renewal.” MARIE-LAURE DE NOAILLES

Libres is an hommage to Marie-Laure and Charles de Noailles, a hymn to freedom, to all freedoms, to the courage which followed the major lines of Surrealism, as strongly supported by the Noailles, to love with a capital L.
This is a new experience for me, combining film with a live performance, like a desire to take possession of my universe, to step outside of my comfort zone in order to explore a new genre. Precisely because the question of genre is key.
Should one, in the end, be reduced to a single identity?
In a world where everything is accelerating and where it has become commonplace to become an entity who answers to criteria destined to be ever more rapidly targeted numbered, classified and followed… It would be right to return back to a focus on fundamentals and to celebrate differences, the uncategorisable, and to dream of a better world that respects others as a wide and varied whole.
If Sartre defined man as being condemned to be free, I prefer choice and assertion. Live how we want to live, love who we want to love, be who we want to be, dance, sing, celebrate, laugh until the final tear.
With the assistance and the immense talent of exceptional artists at my side, we will tickle the senses with enthusiasm and pertinence, and we will pass from the bizarre to euphoria, from exaltation to provocation, from emotion to drunkenness.
This little circus of humanity will play for you the sweetest and the most dissonant of musics in order capture hearts and make eyes sparkle. All the while with the objective of creating a lively, creative, audacious, and even scandalous, atmosphere that encompasses the human and social blend which the viscountess orchestrated. It is through joy, music, and daring that we will spend an evening that bears the colours of “grace, merit, and freedom.”

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