András Ladosci

Prizewinner of the American Vintage Photography Prize 2020


András Ladocsi probably draws most of his inspiration from swimming.
A professional swimmer for 14 years and now a photographer, his photographic approach suspends the body, colours and time, as if he were floating through water. Like candid snapshots, his intimate and sensitive photos explore a world of movement.
For American Vintage, András wanted to strike a perfect balance between the brand spirit and his personal universe. Based Prix de la photographie American Vintage 2020 in New York for several months, he immortalised the poses and movements of the couple formed by his friend Sarah and Charlie, as well as a stranger named Flannery. Between Manhattan and Brooklyn, bodies unfurl and uncover themselves, like a declaration of love to spring. In the form of images, rounded bodies and flowing clothing contrast with the geometric lines of the city. Inspired by Tai chi movements, which he discovered in the parks of New York, his photos reproduce these circular movements that he finds so fascinating to watch. A manifesto of freedom. Since June 2021, a virtual version of the exhibition is available online on the American Vintage website.

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