Emma Bruschi

Prizewinner of le19M CHANEL Métiers d’art Prize 2020

Collection produced with the support of Goossens, Paloma, Lemarié - Métiers d’art de CHANEL


For these new pieces in collabo- ration with the CHANEL’s Métiers d’art, I extended my research on peasantry and straw.
By using various lace techniques and rye straw plaiting, I intend for the traditional techniques of domestic crafts to meet the Métiers d’art. I worked closely with the artist Jessy Razafimandimby who drew the animals and the characters we can see on the pieces. This year, in order to become more autonomous regarding the material supply, I used the straw I grow at the family farm in Haute-Savoie. This ultimately brings together the fields I am passionate about: design, farming and crafts.

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