Body Politics, par Alan Crocetti

Body Politics is a harmonious fusion of disparate elements. Bound together by a shared essence, they bring a depth and perspective to Alan Crocetti’s work, allowing a seamless blend without second-guessing. In the heart of it all lies a Brutalist perspective: stark, straight forms reminiscent of armor, juxtaposed against fluid and exaggerated shapes. Every piece stands as a testament to its own unique identity and beauty. But even in their distinction, there’s an underlying unity, suggesting that true coherence emerges organically, rather than imposed.

One of the pivotal themes at the heart of this exhibition is the challenging of traditions.
In fashion, as in life, traditions have long perpetuated stereotypes and constraints.
Crocetti’s philosophy vehemently opposes such pigeonholing. His pieces emphasize a world where individual instincts and desires are not just acknowledged but celebrated.
They advocate for future classics that rise above monotony and embrace uniqueness.

The exhibition also delves deep into the concept of empowerment derived from self-awareness. Jewellery, in Crocetti’s words, is more than adornment. It’s an embodiment, a tangible anchor to one’s emotional state. And as visitors move from one display to the next, they’re gently reminded of this intrinsic connection between the wearer, the armour
and its surrounding.

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