Sarah Makharine, Corps batisseurs

Rodolphe Parente - © Villa Noailles Hyères

photographer, commissioned by the festival

After ten years of working in audiovisual production as a creative director, Sarah undertakes a professional retraining and applies for the contest of the École Kourtrajmé she entered in the Art and Image section under the direction of JR in 2020 2021. She stood out thanks to her work studies combining photo series, video and sound work such as Papa 2020 on gender intersectionality, Le Mikve in which she questions the place of woman in religions and she develops committed personal project on the place of women in patriarchal communities. Her artistic work combines the use of analogue and digital media, especially compact to be as close as possible to her subject : human. She deconstructs prejudices and the sexualisation of bodies by meeting anonymous women and men, isolated and often made invisible by society and religions; she captures their bodies, their eyes, and their voices which she confronts with those of her public through her installations. The villa Noailles gives carte blanche to Sarah Makharine as part of the Design Parade Festival Toulon. The photographer pictures portraits of the artists before the festival and documents the construction of projects on the work site of Toulon’s former Bishop’s Palace, she follows the builders of Design Parade.

Photograph, commissioned by the festival

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