Local earths, design, and hybridizations
Creating in a context of limited resources and exploring the potential of earth.
Based on the Salernes area, its history, current practices and reflections on those to come, the second-year design students at the ésadtpm have explored the possibilities of the earth material and the local earth sector (Salernes clay, waste from clay production, terracotta and raw earth scraps), in an open approach to research and experimentation.
Various techniques, transformation processes and uses of earth, are hybridized and applied to design: raw earth construction, earth 3D printing, mixing and researching materials, to renew our relationships to earth.
Works by the second-year design students at ésadtpm, as part of the Resources and craft course.

Project supervision:
Ésadtpm teaching staff: Magalie Rastello, designer, Claude Marro, architect
External speakers: Marcelo Valente, designer, studio magma, Hippolyte Gilabert, architect
With the support of: Terra Rossa, Les Terre Cuites des Launes, CAUE Var
Exhibition open from 22 to 25 June 2023, then on display in the window.
La Galerie de l’école, 18 rue Chevalier-Paul, place des Savonnières, 83000 Toulon
This exhibition is related to the presentation of all the research carried out at the CAUE Var as part of the CAUE Var spring programme, around organic and geobased materials, until 30 June 2023. CAUE Var, 26 place Vincent-Raspail, 83000 Toulon

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