Tom Van der Borght

Lauréat du Grand Prix du Jury Première Vision 2020

Collection produite avec le soutien de Maison Michel, Lesage et Paloma - Métiers d’art de CHANEL


“All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
Is here in my arms
Words are very unnecessary They can only do harm” Depeche Mode

In the troubled world we are living in nowadays, all of us
are urging for connection and closeness. We’ve been distanced, physically and psychologically but now, it’s time for love.
Tom van der Borght welcomes you to a brighter future and a celebration of human connection. The collection is an invitation to enter the playful and colorful universe.

Garments leave the borders of the individual human body and search for connections with other humans trough cut, detail and accessories. The pieces play with the intersection of textures, artwork and colour.
Everybody is invited to join this contemporary tribe of neohippies, lonesome cowboys and genderfluid hybrid creatures, feeling the emotion in the silence and embracing love as an empowerment tool.

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