Adrien Vescovi

from 25 April to 26 May 2019

Time seems to be the lymph which radiates through Adrien Vescovi’s process and constitutes the origin of his work. The history of philosophy has also focused upon the instant as a founding principle in the study of the concept of time. It reveals the fundamental meaning of the Latin verb from which it arises: instare, in the sense of creating, establishing, to put into place, or to remain, to endure. Not in the manner of a sovereign dictator, but rather in the fashion of remaining close to hand, to support, to spur on, to offer something which through its purest nature can incorporate all of these changes.
The instant thus possesses an alchemical character, just like Vescovi’s work, which arises from a long process of gestation, where the marks sculpted by the hands of nature and those of the artist seem to fuse. The urgency in his work is the future of time, marked in strata which are established with force. History is here, present, even when it is a material. Time takes on a genuine spatiality, accentuated by meteorological details which recollect the absolute density, the impossibility to think of it in a transcendental manner, but rather as a force which is intimately bound with
the material.
More than one hundred different paintings have been combined to constitute the idea
of a skeleton, like the recordings of several substances whose evolving, biological, natures recall a system of incubation. The device set up at the Salins for this occasion displays itself in all of its transience, struck by the sun, twisted by the rain, and exposed to a future, in a dialogue of dances, spaces and balances that are in symbiosis with the location’s architecture.


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