Arthur Hoffner

from 25 April to 26 May 2019

An interior water feature is the domestication of a piece of nature, to be treated as an opportunity for wonderment.
Here this tamed nature, where artefact and substance are in a dialogue, is incarnated as
a space of transition between the interior and the exterior. It features at the entrance to the festival’s catwalk show, somewhere between
the aquatic environment of the salinas, the beaches from the film Pierrot le Fou, and the sounds of water in movement at the heart of an architecture.
As if grafted to the walls, metallic tubes continuously pour a coloured water which is absorbed by the pails which receive it, without ever overflowing. An opportunity for the general public to abandon themselves to the hypnotic pleasure of the water and its dramatisation. Whereas for the designer it is the opportunity to adopt the performance of this stately device, that serves no other purpose than contemplation.
As a result of the public prize at Design Parade 12, the scenography of the Architecture festival on the theme of pools, a performance which reinterpreted the myth of the Danaides at the last Fashion festival, and the exhibition “Le Cours de l’Eau” at Design Parade 13, Arthur Hoffner is pursuing his endless exploration around the theme of the fountain through a mural installation which combines industrial shapes and illusory games on the circulation of water.

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