Maison Michel

from 25 April to 26 May 2019

Since 1936 Maison Michel has imagined hats that are anything but an accessory. A reflection of its period, a dialogue with trends, a design that evolves as rapidly as the head it will dress: thus is the mission of a fashion-house with a savoir-faire unaltered, yet constantly re-envisioned.
As a part of CHANEL’s Métiers d’Arts houses, Maison Michel collaborates with prestigious brands; since 2006, it also offers its own eponymous label characterised by the most cutting-edge creative approach.
Priscilla Royer, as its Creative Director since Winter 2015-16, engages in a pragmatic reflection reaching beyond the hat to the head that carries it, geared towards the individual and his or her style. The aura of Maison Michel is carried by strong personalities —feminine as well as masculine—, designs that combine innovative technologies, alternative cultural and historical references, wearability and attitude.
At the Parisian ateliers, vocabularies are turned on their heads, and norms are shaken up. These desacralised objects—in form as well as in function— are versatile and adaptable, and reinjected into a multi-facetted daily life. This way, Maison Michel perpetuates what hats have always achieved: to be a frame as well as a celebration of all faces.

Maison Michel - © © Maison Michel, Jesper Haynes, Villa Noailles Hyères

© Maison Michel, Jesper Haynes

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