Fashion competition

Extension of the exhibitions of the 35th International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories until January 2021

Jean-Pierre Blanc is both the founder and the director of the festival which will be presided over by Pascale Mussard.
Since 1986, the festival has promoted and supported young international fashion design, since 1997 a competition has also existed for emerging photographer and this year, for the fourth time, a competition will also recognise young fashion accessory designers. The festival is acknowledged as the oldest fashion competition aimed at young professionals.

Several prizes are awarded to the competing designers thanks to grants provided by the festival’s partners who commit, together with the festival, to provide long term support. Practical assistance is provided right from the selection stage as well as during a period of two years in various different domains: financing, production, workmanship, materials, production, legal, media, exhibitions, workshops and residencies.

This year again new partners are providing their support for this young generation by joining together with the arts centre.

Photography Cécile Bortoletti

Les finalistes
Interviews of the finalists :

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