Hubert Crabières


Lauréat du Prix de la Photographie American Vintage

This series for American Vintage started with a number of shots of landscapes in the South of France, in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the region which the label comes from. These landscapes were printed on large fabrics in order to cover the space where I live and work in the suburbs of Paris, in Argenteuil. In keeping the imprint of the objects which surround me, simply by covering them with these stereotypical postcard images, I wanted to substitute one decor with another, through a simple superimposition. Furthermore, the models who are wearing these clothes in the photos are the same close friends who move amongst this hybrid space of living area and studio. The poses they strike waver between the intimate and the spectacular, influenced by the proximity of these two contexts. The clothes, their colours, their patterns, or their materials, are used by the stylist, Riccardo Linarello, like costumes for a fiction without a thread. The result is a collection of images which humorously play upon repetitive effects in this seaside decor, in Argenteuil.

Phoyographie : Luc Bertrand

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